Weeknight Fresh + Fast

I’ve been branching out in my cooking recently – partially because I’ve had some serious downtime now that the wedding planning is completed and I’ve been doing the job securing thing.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a cookbook I’ve had my eye on for a while while at William-Sonoma. I’d wanted the book for a while but while I in school full time I knew I wasn’t going to have time to teach myself to cook, so I held off. I really like the recipes, and it’s laid out in “seasons” – so far, I’ve attempted two (tonight makes three) of the recipes and I find them very easy to follow, and so far very tasty.

Tonight’s meal was the 3rd attempt out of the “fall” section, and was the first meal I didn’t immediately love. This can probably be attributed to a change in an ingredient, rather than the fault of the recipe or myself.

As you can see in the above picture, I used little miniature eggplants, where-as the recipe called specifically for Asian eggplants. The difference, I would assume, is the shape -they almost resemble zucchini as they are long and slender. As it was, the eggplant didn’t cook so well – they just kind of became mush. I did attempt to locate the original ingredient, checking both AmazonFresh and Whole Foods, but neither had it in stock. Next time, I’ll either find it, or go without – it didn’t really add anything to the flavour that I can tell, but the texture I was left with was…less then compelling.

The finished product! The crumbled goat cheese on top actually added the perfect finish. I enjoyed mine with a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk. 🙂