Enter Title Here.

My night consisted of “playtesting” a new paper-and-pencil game, which can honestly be summed up by the following phrase:
“Orbiting the planet (made up a frozen demon body), is the dead body of Shee’s (DM points at me) mentor, I mean, Wymentor, Mentar.”

My character’s name was Shee, and her title was Her. (Only after did I put it together in my head: “All bow before the mighty Her, Shee.” – Say it fast with no breaks, you’ll get it.) My brain is apparently far more fun on an unconscious level…

EDIT: I was also rolling STUPID high numbers. 1 natural 20, like, 4 19’s and never rolled below like, 14. Apparently my dice have missed me.

I came home to try to grab Office 2010 through my MSDN subscription (thank you MVP award 2011) only to find that my subscription may take 4-6 weeks to set up. If that’s the case, that’s going to BLOW, because I need it to be able to share stuff back and forth with J&K for their wedding. Gr. Going to follow-up with my MVP lead PJ and see if that’s literally how long it takes…

I had planned to watch a movie while it was installing, and decided I was too annoyed to do anything else after I made the above discovery, so I ended up watching my Netflix DVD that I’ve had since 07/25/2010. Now, I make fun of people all the time for not sending back their disks (*cough*Colin*cough*) but I don’t if they haven’t watched a disk yet. So I can’t make fun of myself here. Or I could but I just don’t want to. I really actually wanted to watch Bride & Prejudice, but I only have a burned copy that someone made for me years ago, and that seems to have disappeared since we moved all the movies downstairs. Time to get an actual copy…Amazon here I come. Happy early birthday to me.

Coco Before Chanel

Anywho. My Netflix DVD was “Coco Before Chanel”, and is basically a biopic. In french, which is mostly why I’ve not seen it before now. I frequently put on a movie in the background, but it’s rather hard to do that with a subtitled movie. I would highly recommend it though to anyone who is interested in fashion and its history – she was (and still is to my mind) without comparison in the industry.