I *am* on break, right?

This year has been incredibly intense in terms of work load, trying to do as much for the MUN class as I have. I sent 3 emails to classmates today, swapped a few with Tim (advisor/teacher) and had multiple phone calls with people. As excited as I am for the trip next week, I am really looking forwards for this school year to be finished…

Ran a bunch of errands for the trip as well, got the really pretty pink and sparkly polish swapped for a more professional French tip, had my hair cut and styled on Monday – more about that when the pics are up on Friday, and not only returned the alternate pair of shoes I’d gotten to wear for the wedding had my real ones not shown up in time, but I found a new pair of pants that fit awesomely as well as another jacket. Woo, more conference clothes…just in time for the last conference.
At least for this year. We’ll see what happened next fall….


While I was out, grabbed today’s comics, which include:

    Myths & Legends 14 (I’m only…5 issues behind here…)
    Voltron 4

Voltron is currently a problem, I can’t find either my issue 1 or my issue 3…makes it very hard to read up on the series…

Oh well. I’ll find it eventually.


Drew a few things in Draw Something before I realized I’m just too tired to really make an effort, so I think the next step is to finish the entry, and go pass out reading the Myths & Legends trade vol 1, so I can begin to get caught up… Or something like that.

I’m not sure I’d compare these…

From my Sociology reading tonight:

Total institution – An institution that regulates all aspects of a person’s life under a single authority, such as a prison, the military, a mental hospital or covenant.

Not sure that as a Nun, I’d want to have my covenant compared to the military or mental hospital…what does it say about all 4 of them, heh.

Just watched an episode of “30 Days”

Its done by the same guy who shot SuperSize Me, basically living on minimum wage for 30 days with his fiancĂ©e. Gotta say it’s a depressing reality for far too many Americans. I look around my Soc& 101 class (where I watched it) and just don’t see it getting through to everyone. Most of the students here have spent little to no time in their lives trying to make ends meet, they aren’t having to put themselves through college…and if they do have jobs, it’s not because they have to but because they need drinking money.

Even I take things for granted way too much.