Yesenia’s prezzie is finished! Er…kinda.

I apparently never took photos of my early steps through this project (probably because originally it was going to be a surprised present), so the first image I have, I’ve already completed the main body of work, added the sparkly butterflies and the “written” wording.

(The wording and butterflies were not part of the original design, but it looked odd with  nothing up there, so I bought some special thread way back in January to finish this. Clearly, I’m right on schedule…more about that thread later.)

Once I’d started it, I asked her (and therefore ruined the surprise) if she wanted it as a wall mounted piece, or if she wanted me to turn it into a pillow*. She choose pillow.
(This is most amusing, since I need a sewing machine to sew the pillow. Which I haven’t quite gotten yet, so hence the “kinda” status.)

These photos show the effect that outlining has on ‘finishing’ a piece. It’s one of my favourite parts of any project, because it ties everything together and makes the entire piece make sense as a whole image.

Finished! (Phase One). Now to get that sewing machine to start Phase Two…

The front of the finished project. I like how the sparkly thread looks, but my god was it a pain to work with. It’s much less supple then normal floss, the trade-off to get the shine/shimmer, but it tangles more and seems to pull on the fabric more. I used the “amethyst” floss from DMC’s Jewel Light Effects pack.

The blue shimmery thread that I used for the lettering, on the other hand, is much closer to the normal floss, but was also a bit of a pain to use. I was again using two ply, and the floss consistently separated, or was so slippery, my needle kept coming out. The effect however, cannot be denied. Looks much better now that you can READ what is written on the fabric, as well as ties the top of the piece to the bottom. The blue thread was the Light Turquoise from DMC’s Fluorescent Light Effects pack.

The finished product on the back. My mother always told me, the back should look just as neat as the front. Kinda managed that. :S

I like looking/keeping a record of the back of my projects. My mother (who originally taught me to hand sew, and introduced me to cross stitch, though she prefers printed, while I prefer counted) always told me that the back of your work should be neat, with no stitches reaching more then like, two squares or something like that. I’ll be honest, I was cheating in the face area, where you can see several messy threads.

I’ll just blame the fact that I I hadn’t done any cross stitch in quite a while, and had forgotten to keep my area neat. Oops, but oh well!

Now to get that sewing machine…Oh look, I have one on the wedding registry over here