This week in comics:

Finally got to reading the five issues of “Alice in Wonderland” I’ve been letting start up. I find if I read them one at a time, I loose the plot too quickly – I just read too many of Zenescope’s comics to keep them all straight.


My only complaint is that they reference a bunch of the previous Wonderland comics, which is going to force me to go re-read a lot of them, since I seriously don’t remember what they’re alluding to. Ah well, I have the trades for a reason.

Eric stopped off on his way home and picked up several things for me, including:
– Myths & Legends #16 (so I caught up on #15 and am now up to date on the series)
– Voltron: Year One (and Colin’s copy of the same)
– Grimm Fairy Tales trade #1, which I was hoping would come soon. The crossover Zenescope’s did last year referenced things I hadn’t read yet, so this should fix that…
– Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms volume 3…which I hadn’t gotten volume 1 or 2 of, so I’ll have to grab those next time I’m in…oops!

I also spent a few hours catching up on War Goddess, which apparently I’d allowed to build up – was behind 5 or 6 issues there. Seriously digging the series, glad I tracked it down originally.


This week in Comics:

Stopped by my local Comic Stop on my way to Matt’s Rotisserie and Oyster bar to save a good spot for Eric to watch the NFL Draft from. Cuz I’m a good wife like that. Granted I’m going to abandon him to go get a pedi as soon as he gets here, but it’s the thought that counts.

Today’s haul includes:







Here a chore, there a comic…

After spending about an hour cleaning up/out Eric’s office so he can pack it more easily once he’s got boxes- aren’t I the good little wifey? (updated: he does now) – I took off to RTC to cross getting my legs and brows waxed off my list of “to-do’s” before my trip to NMUN-NYC next week.
Cool thing I found out: apparently after getting a spa service at Gene Juarez, they’ll touch up your makeup for free. I can totally get behind that.

Now I’m just catching up on my comic trades before ECCC this weekend and before I got off to meet Eric at kinks to get green card photos taken (Good thing I had my makeup done…)

Grimm myths and Legends (Volume 2)Grimm myths and Legends by Raven Gregory

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Had to actually add this book to Goodreads library to be able to add it to my task on the iPad…

I like how the trades contain an entire story arc,; this one was all about the little Mermaid and actually sticks somewhat close to the original story. In other words, dark….can’t wait to see what they do with Beauty and the Beast…

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