One of the most fabulous ladies I take dance with gave me her old white leotard/tulle skirt and it fits pretty well. Just need to get the shoes now, which means another trip to the dance shop. Oh darn.

I’m starting to see a recurring theme with our classes and rehearsals. I’m used to learning steps and character at the same time, just as it is with the theater, you don’t have time to do them sepaeratly and don’t get me wrong, the dance so far isn’t demanding or anything, but there seems to be a little too much gabbing or just standing around instead of participating or practicing. Perhaps it’s beacause most of these women are older than me by at least 20 years, and are almost all mothers/grandmothers – but I’m here to dance, to learn from this incredible teacher I lucked into. Once we get Into the swing of class it gets better…sometimes. Poor Danellia, she will run through an excersise, and very few people mark it out with her. I’ve got the excuse that not only am I trying to remember WTF I’m doing, but I’m occasionally learning entirely new steps, not to mention, I got in 4 classes before I had to take a month off because of traveling and school. So really, I started almost all over again, add breaking in new shoes constantly since nothing fits or is too old, and I’m only on class…5 at this point? And as I’ve said before, there are just enough differenc between RAD and the Russian method (foot placement, how far in front and behind you your foot crosses, etc.

Can’t wait until my body stops working against me and I can really start to move again. Kiri and Joe and I are all going fabric shopping next week, so we can get stuff for both my dress and the mock up of Joe’s outfit for the wedding. SO EXCITED!