So, Who’s..Sh*t…Is This Anyway…

We entertain. A lot. We also have many friends & family members who frequent our guest beds on a semi regular basis.
Consequently, we find random items, some times months later, and have no idea to whom they belong.

Here is our latest collection – Is any of this stuff yours??
If so, please let me know – we’d love to get it back to you!!

Someone’s feetsies aren’t warm…how sad.
Random collection of stuff I found in the master bathroom…since there were three women not me using it during pax, I have no idea who’s stuff is what 🙂
This bowl is fantastic…and if someone doesn’t claim it, I’m sooo keeping it.
  • Hrmmm…that bowl MIGHT be Chelsea’s. I’ll ask her. 😀

    •  Please do, although I really do like it 😛

      It stuck around after one of the summer BBQ’s, and I know you two came to at least one of those…