The Bar (Barré) Method

I realized the other day, in close conjunction to my birthday, that being twenty-eight and frequently having bad back pain, the number of migraine that I do, etc, is not normal for a person of my age and general health levels. I’m not wasting away or anything by any means, but I do work a desk job and without serious attention to what I’m eating, my weight could spiral back out of control. I’m already higher then I was in August, and although I’m not obsessed with a specific look, I have a target weight I’d like to safely get back to -and then maintain.

Once again I’ve been looking at available dance classes, specifically ballet – and the sad fact of the matter is there are just no classes for adults who are not either stay-at-home moms or people who work for themselves (and thus, set their own schedules). Almost all of the classes I’ve looked at start no earlier then 10 am, after all the kids are off to school. Not useful for those of us who work during the day – and forget finding an adult class that is offered at night, that’s when the kids are taking lessons. And I don’t have that kind of stamina anymore.

So I’ve expanded my “search terms” a little, and went back to an idea I’d had before: “The Bar Method.” This is basically an exercise class that was originally built around the first half of a ballet class, when you’re standing at the barré and all the various stretches that go along with it. I took my first class on Wednesday and knew by the time I got home that I’d be ‘in pain’ for the next few days – and I was right. Won’t stop me from going back however, and there’s a pretty decent “new members” deal that I think I’m going to grab, which will hopefully force me to continue to go… Continue reading “The Bar (Barré) Method”

Project Complete: Embroidery “Listen to Your Heart”

Thanks in part to my trip up to BC last weekend, I was finally able to finish this piece. I frequently have two to three projects on the go, but my energy has been mostly focused on house related projects in the last few weeks while I’ve been waiting for the job situation to sort itself out.

This project is somewhat unusual for me, as it is a printed pattern – not one of my favourite styles to use. But to be honest, I didn’t buy this because I liked the pattern – I bought it to practice my skills on different types of embroidery stitching. And to that end, I’m mostly pleased with my work.

If anyone does like it, please let me know, this is free to a good home!

Check out the gallery below, as I worked my way through the piece. You might notice a gap around the time I was working on the flower detail – I’m not sure if those photos were on the original Samsung Focus which went for a bath in the Atlantic Ocean (and then kamikazi’d during PAX Prime) or if I just blanked out on taking them when I was doing the work. As it was, I had to dig through the original Focus’ folder, the Focus 2 folder, the iPad’s photo’s and two cameras to find everything. I didn’t manage the photos at all during the process apparently, so it’s no wonder things are missing/there are gaps. Oh well!

Enjoy 🙂