Now I know that when you move away from home, things are supposed to be different, and it can be a sad time, but couple that with the fact that my parents are throwing bricks at each other over the phone, and my levels of insanity on a normal rate, I’m not usually a very happy camper.


But at this very moment, I’m even worse. I have had it put before me in no uncertain terms, that I will not be allowed to put off resolving the ‘issue’ of my ferret. You see, for thoes of you who don’t know his story, he adopted me five years ago, and has had a permenant condo in the basement of our home ever since. However, my mother has hated from first smell and my father has turned his back on him along with my mother and at times, myself. No bitterness here at all. Point is, I’m having to give him up. No, not happy. Not in the least. Coupled with the fact that he’s almost seven, is showing signs of developing adrenal gland desease, which can turn fatal very quickly, I am not having much luck with finding him a good and caring home. I simply REFUSE to just dump him somewhere, he is not cast aside garbage, he is a warm and loving little boy who just wants to dig all day in the dirt. And catch the odd mouse. And sleep with his body contorted into all manners of uncomfortable positions. It isn’t fair.




Chloe is NOT amused.