So, pushing all the stressyness aside for a few….

I spent my First Night In My Apartment yesterday!

Oh god, I’d forgotten how nice it is to have a COMFORTABLE BED….


I got home JUST after midnight last night(!), none of this 1:30 crap I’ve been dealing with, and it took me 20 MINUTES to get here today…at high traffic time! Oh Man is that nice…

And I actually have started to put stuff away too! Got all my sheets and stuff organized, all my towels are put away…I even have all the stuff I had in one suitcase, which I’ve been living out of for the past week, all hung up! It’s craaaaaazy…

Only issue is that I don’t like how I’ve set up my room…It doesn’t make sense at the moment, so I’m gonna have to play With it a little I think. The bed can’t really change spots with out fucking Everything up, so I think my tv’s gotta change sides of the room…which is going to be a bitch, cuz the damn thing’s 30 years old, and it’s HEAVY as hell. But I’ll work that out later…

My roommate has a cat, (just a little over a year old) and a sugar glider, Karma and Kiki repectivly, who are constant sorces of amusement. Karma freaked the hell out of me last night though. I was watching RvB on my laptop last night, right before I went to bed, so I had my lights off…And of course, she’s totally silent when she walks…she JUMPED up on the bed and SHOVED her face at me…I freaked, and she went running…I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

She’s apparently decided she likes my bed though. Had to move her three times earlier when I was trying to make the bed up…once from underNeath the covers…silly kitty.

We’re also looking at getting a second kitten, from Laura’s store again…His ribs are apparently a little deformed, so he probably won’t get sold, but according to the vet, he’s perfectly healthy…

So we may have a new kitty soon!
She and I are going to end up with so many damn cats, I can just see it…>.<

But Yayness!