Ya’ll are Crazy!!

I’ve already had 15 people look at this page since the stats reset around 4 am (don’t ask how I know this…) and yesterday I topped out at 115 views…That’s insane!

Anyway. Overhauled my gamertag intro yesterday. Er, earlier this morning? Oh whatever. Definatly frustrated with the stupid editor they force you to use. Eventually just yanked all the code in it, tossed out the crap repeated code and I now have a copy with which to work with, the next time I want to update, which Is what I do with my real (re: non-gaming, even though my layout is my pms sig right now) blog (here) because even though it’s done through blogger, I didn’t have enough control over it, so it’s hosted by a friend, allowing me to impliment my own layouts, and have total control over it. Which I very much like.

So I’ve had a wonderful refresher course today and yesterday with how to work with html and an interesting forey back into the land of css. There’s a ton more that I could learn in that area…which, if I ever find time again, I’ll probably do…or at least, I’ll hit Dex up for information next time…

Anyway, kisses to all, and special kitty hug’n’kisses to seatown for keeping my company as I worked through the night!