So I’d OBVIOUSLY forgotten exactly how SHITTY a laptop/desktop/technology failure is. I still blame e and Tarkin1 and Rednex for all this mess…it didn’t start until I started playing with them…e, stopit. I’ll move out there when I can find a job ;). Enough bad ms karma already.

Finally did get the laptop working again. What was wrong was was that my laptop wouldn’t run properly in ‘normal’ mode. Well, IE and MSN wouldn’t, but they’d run fine in safe mode. Finally jad to uninstall sp2 and reinstall it. Only One issue remains now, after all the updates have been put back on…
When I uninstalled it, it destroyed my video card. The card is still there…but none of the drivers are. And yes, I know I can download them.

Wrong. This damn card is no longer supported by ATI.


Just one more in a long line of pissers.

Technology sucks.


Just so e won’t feel bad 😀

After about another hour or two of me trying to get everything updated, he once again came to my rescue and found my drivers for me. I was VERY excited when I restarted for the (third or forth LAST time) and it came back with my very PRETTY desktop looking like normal…thank GODs!!!

So once again, e is my hero.