W00TNESS!! and Cheese..

So, can anyone explain this terrible habit I have? I can rock in practice, (even managed to be sagacious on occasion) but the SECOND we turn to matchmaking, I start to Suck…I don’t get it. I can’t pull consistant results at all…And I’m not exactly sure about how to go about improving…All I can do I guess is just keep practicing, but when does it start to get better? I’m platuing…and I don’t exactly like it…I guess I’m actually gonna have to start working with a sniper rifle…Blah. I don’t have the pactience…I like being in the fray and killing or blowing shit up! (Um, the One excepttion to this would be when I have the rockets and end up either blowing up myself or blowing up a teammate…which unfortunatly has been happening WAY too much in the last few days…

Oh well, I’m not going to worry too much…instead, I have this to say….

Cheesie, cheesie, cheesie…CHEEEEEEEESE!!!
I like cheese! I like feta cheese, I like chedder cheese…I don’t like mozerella, because I think it’s too strong…

Heehee. I sent that message to Rambo last night…definatly think I made her night…which hopefully made up for betraying a few times later that night…

Ok, time for some serious practice. See ya’ll online!

OH! And for any PMS Bravo girls!!! Check out our new club! I thought it would be awsome to have a place where we can get together and put a name to a 1up profile… So check it out and join please 🙂