Useless Digital Cleanup is not Useless.

I read an article about “Digital Cleaning” in Time about a week ago, that said that cleaning up our digital spaces was a huge waste of time, but I have to disagree. I have a Zune subscription, and since that means I don’t own all the music I’ve got on my computer (THOUSANDS of songs people…), occasionally some of it becomes unavailable. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t tell you when a particular song is no longer valid until you try to play it, so I’ve been going through my artists a few letters at a time and just deleting anyone who doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve found some really random stuff this way, as the edit in my last post shows. (Seriously, I’m still wtf’ing over that one). But the annoying thing about this process is, the songs I DO want to keep I would have to go research for, because at the moment the software doesn’t say, “oops, this doesn’t work, but here’s another version you can download/purchase…” – would be awesome if it did though!

I’m through to the S’s now, and while I don’t remember the exact starting # of artists, it was somewhere over a thousand (but not over 1100 I don’t think). Down to 670 now. (This number is also includes many mergers!)

But now sleep.