Updating time!

Ooooookay, so where did I last post about Halo or even about PMS…Hm, not for a while..

Ok, well, First off, I have been granted a HUGE honour, and have been promoted to Staff within the Bravo division!
Thank you so much to Sagaciouz and SoSeriouS for the amazing honour.

…Now what the heck am I supposed to do?! Heehee…ok, so I’m not Totally spazztic about where I go next, just need to talk to some of the other staff about how exactly to RUN practices…such a strange Idea. But, I offered, and now I’m officially running clan practice on Sundays. I just need to decide on a time. I’m thinking probably 4ish EST, which is 3 central and 1 pst. I didn’t want it to be too early for the pacific girls, nor too late for me!

On a little side note, if any one is feeling slightly abandoned, because I’ve been kinda ignoring you, I’m really sorry. I’ve been bouncing around from room to room the last few days, it’s a little crazy. So much for Trying to keep a handle on my poor friend’s list…it seems it’s kinda started to run away from me…come back here you stupid thing, I Will control you! I Will!!!

And one last thing, another honour actually.
Gibgirl introduced me to some of the xbox live team, and I’ve been playing with them quite a bit this week…These guys are Awsome, and hey, you get modded once, and that’s it…we were playing on containment last night and oh my goodness…I have NEVER seen some of this stuff…I never managed to get the flying warhog video…but seeing in matchmaking was just hilarous…ooo, but Major Nelson was not impressed…we parked the warhog right on the flag (1 flag, ctf) and it Really didn’t matter, I saw the guy come speeding in and just pluck it up and zoom off the other way…he was just sitting in the turret, spitting in frustration.
The stupid thing is, they didn’t recognize the names we were playing with. Duh guys, if you’re using this service, you should know Everything you can about it…
Better yet, just don’t even TRY to mod or hack. Do you REALLY want to have to spend another 100 or so?

Anyway, I’m super proud of my 11 in rumble pit. Didn’t take me very long to actually do it, once I got started, and I trust that level, because it’s just me against a bunch of other people. I’m trying to get all my levels up atleast above a 10. Have only to get Skirmish from an 8, but H2H is only a 3 at the moment. So I’ll have to work on that one as well :/.

Anyway, wish me good luck for my first clan practice this coming sunday!