Thoughtful Tuesday – December 31, 2013

Official last post of the year!

To borrow Steph’s comment from Facebook I saw earlier today, I’m not going to spend this last post with reflections on the past year. I have been doing that nonstop since LAST December. I have gone through stresses, frustrations and more crying sessions in one 365 day period then I think I have in the last decade. And while I’m sure (scratch that, KNOW) that it won’t be perfectly smooth sailing from here on out (because when is my life EVER thus?), I am confident in myself that I will hang on, perhaps barely at times, but I’ll figure a way through the incoming situations.(I also REFUSE to issue a challenge to the universe to see what else it can drum up, I may not be smart, but I’m not that dumb either!)

Dec 31_2

I wish I could say that I sat around in my pj’s all day. I definitely felt like doing that today, but when I’m working from home, I feel I have to at least change into sweatpants in order to get my brain going in the morning. Even with 12 days in Toronto, I don’t think my brain has quite caught up to all the changes that have happened in the last few weeks. I’m not really expecting that it will for another few weeks tbh. I spent a good amount of time yesterday figuring out how to deal with my trip to the island tomorrow. There was a slightly incorrect assumption made between myself and Tammy when I originally proposed the trip, which I’ll take full responsibility for (and subsequently blame on my ADD of the last several weeks and the fact that I was talking to her at 4am). Got it figured out, though at a higher cost then initially planned for. Coverable, but I’ve been feeling the financial strain for a while, and it came to a head Monday night while I was talking to my mom.

I was literally staring at my bank balance, trying to sort everything out as to how much I’d have after I pulled out my January rent, and just couldn’t shake an incredible feeling of pressure, and it confused me. I’ve balanced budgets for a long, long time. And it isn’t just no longer having a decent nest egg – when I was last living in Toronto just before I moved to WA I frequently lived paycheque to paycheque, and I don’t remember it being so much of an issue. My mother pointed out however that all I was seeing was expenses going out, and no cheques coming in yet (I came into the pay cycle at the wroooong time, heh). That’ll change next Monday, but I need to keep reminding myself to breath when I look at my balance – it actually isn’t going to stay that way much longer. Some additional stress popped up today in the form of a missing sleeping bag. I could have SWORN I saw it during the move, but I cannot find the damn thing now, and I *HAD* planned to sleep in it on Sunday night. I think at this point, I’ll just end up taking my electric blanket in addition to the heavier throw that I’m carting over tomorrow, and on Monday after work, I’ll go to the mall and buy a cheap set of sheets and call it good. At least this way, I’ll have sheets and a queen sized mattress for the den/guest room for people to crash on. As well as discovering if I can even GET a queen in there, and still have room for people to move around, LOL.

Dec 31_1All that stress aside, I am very excited to go across tomorrow:
– to get my KEYS to my very own apartment (providing my landlord’s wife doesn’t go into labour, good grief!)
– make one teeny tiny pit stop at a Canadian Tire to buy said air mattress to sleep on for the next few weeks
– explore Victoria with both Tammy and Jen, and get some FUN in before I get back into the office on Thursday

All in all, moving issues and missing sleeping bag aside, 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year. I end 2013 with a happy purring cat in my lap, and call it good. So I’ll leave you with someone else’s words of wisdom, and bid you all a Happy New Year!

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