Thoughtful Tuesday – December 3, 2013

Today’s entry is filled with Random.

No overlying theme, no unified message I felt the need to write about.

So I decided to have a bowl of ice cream.

I can hear you questioning me now: Ice Cream? At the beginning of December?
It was a night for ice cream.

Ice Cream Prevents Chaos

I remember being a little girl, maybe about five or six.
I was out in the front yard with my mom, “helping” with yard work, This was in Toronto and it had to be October or November – no snow on the ground yet. (And when I was a kid, we ALWAYS had snow by December. Not as much now.)

I remember my then babysitter walking past, ice cream cone in hand and my mom stopping her, laughingly asking why on earth she had ice cream on such a cold day. Karen just smiled at my mom and said “I just felt like ice cream today.”

I just felt like ice cream today.

Mint Chocolate Chip, in case anyone was wondering.

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