Thoughtful Tuesday – December 24, 2013

I took an unintentional ‘break’ from writing my last Tuesday entry, but as I worked a full day, then had to navigate from the studio to the Victoria airport on the bus, connect through Vancouver and take a redeye into Toronto…Yeah, it just didn’t come together. I was so tired by the time I got on the plane in Vancouver, I wasn’t even sure I was boarding to the correct destination. Who knows, I could have landed in Tahiti…that would have been an interesting way to spend Christmas!

To review: In the space of a single weekend, my life went from Zero to the speed of light. This is not unusual for my life, I’ve previously written how I might ‘drag along,’ while I’m making a decision, but once it’s made – look out.

On Friday December 13, I received a job offer with a small studio on Vancouver Island, in downtown Victoria. Bit of a trip from where I live now, but as nothing is tying me to Vancouver itself, I shrugged and said to myself “What’s one more move?” In the space of a weekend, I’d run budgets, started to look for apartments, and called on Monday (after a waste-of-my-time interview for something else in downtown Vancouver) to formally accept the job, getting some additional good news which cemented the decision in my mind as being 100% the right job to take. I started work last Monday, put down a deposit on an apartment about a 5-10 min commute from the studio, depending if I’m walking or biking, and just generally felt like the stars had aligned for the first time in 2013. Just need to figure out how to get my stuff from Vancouver to Victoria (and when) without being able to drive it myself – stupid BC license regulations. (TL:DR, I REFUSE to go back into a graduated licensing program damnit!)

So I’m starting 2014 with a new job with a fantastic studio, and a new apartment – the first time I’ll actually be living on my own (as opposed to when I “lived” with Kari, LOL!). Who wants to come visit??

The rest of last week was filled with chat moderation, more budgets and filling my now never-ending Amazon “wishlist”, which I’m using to keep track of things I’ll need to buy for the apartment. I fully admit to being spoiled by my old kitchen, and while I won’t get all of the “toys” any time soon, I have a clear colour preference to all the things I want to buy (the entire apartment is white, so I want everything to be Purple (duh), Silver or White). I’m having FAR too much fun thinking about what I’ll need but meh – I need some positivity in my life after just ‘existing’ for the last several months. Not to mention, it’s really quite funny to realize how little I actually have of my own. Useful for moving from place to place, but doesn’t help when you don’t even own a dish, fork or pot to your name! Oh well – At least I have my juicer!

Ugh, just took a look at the blog in preview mode – CLEARLY I’m going to be spending some time messing with the CSS layout when I get some time, the widgets in the new sidebar layout don’t quite work anymore. Ah well. Something to do in the next few days!

Happy Holidays everyone!
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  • Phu

    Happy Holidays!! ^_^ now I know what to get you for your birthday 😉