Thoughtful Tuesday – January 7, 2014

Priorities are such a funny thing.

Take last night for example. I had to work today. But at midnight (when I normally head to bed), I still had an episode and a half of Pride & Prejudice to go. Yes of course, I’ve seen it a bazillion times, and will see it a trillion times more. But who needs sleep when you have one Miss Elizabeth Bennett to provide entertainment?

Jan 7_1

Mentally, my poor brain hasn’t got a clue as to what the heck is going on anymore. I walked into Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a few things tonight and had to struggle to remind myself not to go hog wild on outfitting my apartment – plenty of time to do it in the next few months. But there were a few things that just couldn’t wait anymore. Water filter/pitcher. Sheets. Shower Curtain. Kettle.
You know, priorities.

I decided it was early enough when I got home to go out and investigate what options there are nearby for food buying. I had been planning to go tomorrow, but wanted at least the *option* to eat something other than leftover pizza/salad from Sunday night. (Healthy eating? Pfft, yeah I’ll get back to that next week.)

Jan 7_2It cracks me up; my commute to the studio is five – ten minutes, there’s a full pet store (and BCSPCA) almost as close. The closest grocery store is about three times that walking (though it’s a SUPER quick bus ride). I don’t mind walking there, but as i made the decision tonight, no way was I carrying everything back when the bus was available! At least Meret will never have an excuse to go hungry. Although having the SPCA so close is probably a TERRIBLE thing. Meret doesn’t *neeeeeed* a playmate. Right?

Oh. And I totally didn’t bother to cook, other than again sticking pizza in the oven to reheat it. Cannot wait to get my microwave over here! It *was* much easier to pull the plated pizza out of the oven tonight however, using the little silicon grabby mitts I bought – far easier then using a folded over sock. Speaking of the stove (which came with the apartment) – I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am, and probably hasn’t been cleaned in…well, honestly? I don’t want to think of how long. I’m going to have to do some serious scrubbing on it, nevermind figuring out how to clean the oven – ain’t no “self-clean” option on this little baby. Pinterest to the rescue! A story for another day (or the first weekend I’m actually in Victoria…so sometime in February).

For now, I’m going to to go make use of certain recent purchases, then enjoy my brand new Netflix subscription (and start rebuilding the 4k+ ratings I’d made on the old joint account) and call it a night.

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