Thoughtful Tuesday – September 10, 2013

Yup, it’s almost late. It’s going to be a race to get it posted by midnight, and thus kept it on Tuesday.
Yup, I’m annoyed with myself.


I didn’t like my original theme for today all that much anyway. So today, in honour of returning to the barre tomorrow…

I have danced for approximately 18 of my 28 years on this planet.
Not bad considering you don’t really start until you’re about 3, 3.5.
There have definitely been years (especially recently) where I have not found my home in a studio, but since moving back to Canada, I’ve luckily found a studio *right* down the road where I can take classes in the style I trained in when I was growing up.
(I’d include some “adorable” pictures of young!Chloe in costumes, but apparently, I never scanned them. I’ll have to get around to doing that at some point – but that could be a blog far into the future!)

First, a little humor:

Battement Frappe

Because who, if you are not a coffee drinker (or French!), knows what a frappe even is? (It actually means “to strike” which is what you’re doing to the floor with the ball of your foot – lightly striking it.)

Now, at first, these two seem to be in contrast to each other:
Invisible Music

Music Made visible

I have lost count of the times growing up I’d be out in the backyard, or on a film set when I wasn’t needed (with my mother ‘yelling’ at me to behave) where I’d loose myself in my own little world and be dancing. And most of it was just to music in my head – trying to dance while holding a Walkman or diskman was kind of complicated. Kids these days don’t know how good they’ve got it with the iPod generation!

Now, unfortunately, a number of times when I was dancing to music only I could hear, I’d trip over my own feet.
It is actually a proven fact that dancers are THE CLUMSIEST people off stage. I think it’s because we’re trained to look out across the stage – and not where we’re going. Because it looks terrible if a dancer is always looking down at her feet. Supposedly, our peripheral vision is amazing. Doesn’t stop me from walking into doors occasionally, but I’m getting off track here…

Dance Through It All
I’ve read that dancers are like hockey players (and the complete opposite to soccer players!) in that they are the most likely to continue to “work” (or dance) through an injury, returning too early, etc. – because every day you are away, the rest of your body is getting weaker. I certainly can remember times where I was dancing injured because it was performance week, limping “gracefully” off stage to sit with an ice pack between dances…

Finally, there is a fact to dancing: whenever you dance, you cannot think of anything else and I find it to be truest in ballet, due to it’s exacting nature.
Let Everything Go.
You are constantly having to multitask:
Arms are held just so – watch the fingers!
Legs are turned out from the hip, not the feet.
Stomach (abs!!) in!
Butt tight.
Relax the face – look UP!

Now try doing all of that while moving and DON’T land on your face!

With all of that going on in your head, there simply isn’t room for anything else, and not only do you leave class refreshed (though exhausted), you are normally in a wonderful mellow calm. I have never, ever found another way to reproduce that feeling.
Not that I’ve ever tried that hard, since Ballet will do it for me so ‘easily’.

So finally…
Ballet On
(Done, with plenty of Tuesday to spare! See ya next time!)