Thoughtful Tuesday – October 22, 2013

Oct 22_2I was a horrible nap taker when I was a kid. I never got the point of them, and unless my room was pitch black (which it almost never was) I couldn’t sleep. I had too many games to play or books to read to bother with a silly nap. Definitely grew to understand and appreciate the power of blackout curtains. The only times I remember ever really passing out and staying out were as a result of being ill – but it almost only ever worked during the day. And it wasn’t that I was sleeping all day and being awake all night…more that (especially when I was having bouts of asthma) I would be up all night coughing, etc.
Oct 22_1
It has been a long time since I’ve on my own when I’ve been sick and unfortunately, my body treats being sick like everything else I do – when I come down with something, I go whole-hog. I get pathetic, loose what small amount of appetite I normally have, and in general just get weak as a kitten. My mom, and later Eric had the thankless task of making sure I’d get some food in me, as I usually forget or don’t realize how much time as passed.

Thankfully, while it’s a bad one, I’m pretty sure all I’ve got is a cold…because I don’t really have the time to be out with a chest infection, or anything else. But damn if I didn’t wish I could just take Maura’s advice…

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  • Rest up, feel better soon. And EAT! Can’t get better without it.