Thoughtful Tuesday – October 15, 2013

“Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say?”
Your words are inked on your skin.
Oct 15_1So once my brain had gone past the initial thought process of “Well, what happens when you run out of blank skin? Do you die?”, I realized – our words ARE written on our skin. They just aren’t visible the way you’re reading the words on this page. Everything we do, everything we say – it’s all reflected on you, if you know how to read it in another person’s eyes, in how they hold themselves. In what they say to another person, – and how they treat themselves when they think no one else watching.

The old adage of “treat others as you would have others treat you” springs to mind, doesn’t it?
Oct 15_3It strikes me as funny, we quote and retweet thoughts, facts and figures in a moment – but I wonder how many people even bother to read and truly analyze the words we so blythly pass around. There’s another image I’ve seen recently that goes something a long the lines of “What Suzie says about Sally, says more about Suzie then Sally.” Now, I might have those names backwards – but you get the drift. We are responsible for what we say and do at all times – and it all comes back as a reflection on our selves. Oct 15_2
It would be so much easier if our actions, words and thoughts had a direct physical retaliation on our bodies. If someone who harmed another had the results cast upon themselves – there would be a whole lot less murder. Or alternatively, they’d all kill themselves off, so either way really…Oct 15_4

There is one last saying that comes to mind as I write this today. We are taught when we are very young to “think before we speak.” Oct 15_5 Now, I think the goal *most* teachers have behind this cautionary warning, is to think before you answer a question in class. To process all the variables, and then make an educated and informed answer. Wow. Just think about that for a moment. Can you, dear reader (and voices in my own head alike!) imagine for just one second if we all took a step back, took a deep breath and thought without speaking first? Thought about the ENTIRE situation, from multiple angles?

And then decided: if I open my mouth and join this conversation, will I add anything of value, or just more hot air and carbon dioxide to an already stressed ozone layer?

Sometimes, it’s good to be silent.
It makes it easier to hear.
It makes it easier to understand.
It makes us better.

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