This week in comics:

Finally got to reading the five issues of “Alice in Wonderland” I’ve been letting start up. I find if I read them one at a time, I loose the plot too quickly – I just read too many of Zenescope’s comics to keep them all straight.


My only complaint is that they reference a bunch of the previous Wonderland comics, which is going to force me to go re-read a lot of them, since I seriously don’t remember what they’re alluding to. Ah well, I have the trades for a reason.

Eric stopped off on his way home and picked up several things for me, including:
– Myths & Legends #16 (so I caught up on #15 and am now up to date on the series)
– Voltron: Year One (and Colin’s copy of the same)
– Grimm Fairy Tales trade #1, which I was hoping would come soon. The crossover Zenescope’s did last year referenced things I hadn’t read yet, so this should fix that…
– Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms volume 3…which I hadn’t gotten volume 1 or 2 of, so I’ll have to grab those next time I’m in…oops!

I also spent a few hours catching up on War Goddess, which apparently I’d allowed to build up – was behind 5 or 6 issues there. Seriously digging the series, glad I tracked it down originally.