There are only HOW MANY hours in a day?! Well shiz…

This is my schedule from today (sat aug 20th) until Thurs, (aug 25th) when I fly down to PAX.

So…I close tonight. 8 hour shift.

Sunday: Clan practice (which SHOULD actually work this time, because I THINK (knock on wood with fingers And toes crossed) the issues with the wireless have been fixed. Although, since ED and I actually MANAGED to get into the same room together last night with NO apparent issues, I’d say this is a pretty save bet…SO nice to be able to play with you again girly!!

Monday: 11 hour shift.

Tuesday: 11 hour shift.

Wednesday: Pick up passport in morning. Run errands until work. 7.5 hour shift, till close.

Thursday: Open store, work until 5. Book my Ass home on the subway for 6 (or as Close to that as I can.) Boot my mom’s ass into gear AS SOON as I get home, to the Airport for 7 or earlier, depending on traffic. Get on international flight at 9 pm.

Arrive at Seattle (after hour stop over down in Pheonix) at 2 am, pst. (ie, 5 am MY time.) Somehow manage to get enough sleep to be Semi coherent to go to xbl the next day.

Sea and Saga, if I fall asleep walking, One of you two will catch me, right?