The One About The Microsoft Press Briefing….




So! Best new game that was announced was something called “Pimps At Sea”…A hilarious new title from Bungie that takes them back to their Oni days, with 2D play and even simpler graphics…

…Yeah, sooooo don’t think anyone is beliving me…

Halo 3 baby.

I could not Speak coherently for about 15 minutes. Not that I ever really Can….

And to make things worse?

I ran into a very nice gentleman at the Media After Party, held at a Very swank little hotel across the road from Grauman’s Chinese Theater, called the Roosvelt Hotel.

Litheon (another XBox MVP, responsible for coding Major Nelson’s blog) and I were standing at the chocolate fountain(!), and said gentleman walked up, helped himself to some and then noticed, and remarked on my PMS shirt I was wearing at the time….asked us what we’d thought of the Briefing, what we were most looking forwards to, and was happy to learn it was Halo 3.

He then casually mentioned that that was His game, that he did the music.

I nearly died.

Ya’ll know, I rarely am without words. This just ended my brain’s ability to function all together. I honestly could not form coherent Anythings at this point, and had to apologise profusly!

So. Damn. COOL.