The one about Myspace and the Humpday Aftermath…

If you don’t care about myspace, skip down to read thesomeone’s take on the Bungie Writeup…HE might be lazy, but he’s a hellovalot more funny than I am at writing…GamerchiX update is next.

So, myspace. Yeah, you know the thing I can’t stand? SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, dragged me on the other night. Now I can’t seem to get the hell away from it. People keep sending me messages and friend requests and aaaaaaargh!!!

Just one more space I have to try and now keep updated. Darnit.

NOT giving up my 1up though. I happen to like this better. Might not have the customization that myspace does, but I STILL can’t stand it…blech!

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Bungie Humpday Challenge

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been… lazy. Anyway, the Xbox MVPs took on Bungie last night in the Humpday Challenge. Since Bungie’s propaganda machine obviously provides a biased interpretation of the games, I decided to create a write-up from an MVP’s point of view, so you can get the real facts. This write-up is presented in the same style as Bungie’s, so you can compare the two and see which side to really believe (and because I am unoriginal).

Although Bungie attempted to plant a spy within the MVPs’ ranks several days prior to the challenge, he quickly disclosed how desperate the situation was up at Kirkland. Bungie, knowing the MVPs had the support of the Live team (still basking in the glory of their victory long ago), would not go down without a fight, and promised a clash for the history books.

The MVPs brought some of their top Halo 2 players (excuse my bad taglines):

MASTAglach820 – The master… of something.
GODFREE – God of podcasts.
PMS PsycoSKitty – Afraid of the Fuzzy Blob.
litheon – The element you won’t find on the Periodic Table.
Thesomeone – Definitely someone, although we’re not sure who.
Coola – Self-proclaimed pretty burd.
MthdDirector – Director of the MVPs

Bungie had most of their usuals:

Ninja 0n Fire – Contrary to popular belief, not actually on fire.
New0001 – Not as new to Halo as he may claim.
KP – History may be written by the winners, but that doesn’t make it right.
Jejor – Although still in Kitty’s Halo training program, already a Warthog master.
Frankie – Content Monkey and resident Scotsman.
Shishka – Something clever goes here.
Thug Larz – Silent but not so deadly.


Game 1: Team Slayer
Game Stats
Terminal, normal weapons
Game Duration: 12:58
General Tone of Game: Lagtacular

We went into this game with an optimistic attitude, having just won a practice game. However, right off the bat, we got hit with a wall of lag, no doubt caused by some diabolical weapon in Bungie’s arsenal. Bungie quickly secured a sniper rifle and the Wraith, taking the courtyard and main terminal in the process. We took the terminal after several assaults, but then got pounded by the Wraith lurking out in the courtyard. However, we held out and the lines remained static nearly the entire game, with the fighting completely focused around the terminal. Although Bungie came out on top, it was a close game, and we still had confidence in our ability to win.

Final Score: 100-92. Bungie Wins.

Game 2: Team Swat
Game Stats
Lockout, Battle Rifles
Game Duration: 3:37
General Tone of Game: Rushed

Despite our previous loss, we felt pretty good about this game. Several of us frequently play SWAT, and seeing as we won an earlier practice game of SWAT, we thought another victory wouldn’t be too hard to achieve. However, Bungie was more determined than we thought. They captured several key choke points and forced most of the fighting down into the lower corridors. Although we put up a good fight, it seemed like we were too eager to rush into the fray, instead of working as a team or making a good strategy. In the words of Kitty: “Take your time! There’s no timer, don’t rush!” You win again, Bungie.

Final Score: 50-45. Bungie Wins.

Game 3: Team Slayer
Game Stats
Ivory Tower, BR/RL
Game Duration: 3:25
General Tone of Game: Dominant

The Bungie guys were overjoyed. They had won the first two games; their first Humpday victory in what seems like years. It wasn’t over yet though. We still had some fight left. Bungie tried to pull a fast one on us, by putting a Battle Rifle as the starting weapon and hiding a Rocket Launcher in the secondary slot. But we caught on quickly and the game turned into a rockets match. In the words of one Bungie guy half-jokingly: “Why isn’t anyone using the Battle Rifles?” Soon we had gained a comfortable lead, and came through for the win.

Final Score: 50-31. MVPs Win.

In all seriousness though, it was a great experience and I want to thank Bungie for accepting our challenge and MthdDirector for… well, directing us. Hopefully we will get our rematch in the future, for Bungie cannot hide behind this victory forever. In the meantime, the MVPs are proud to have boosted Bungie’s morale.

Don’t forget to read the “Offical” version, penned by Bungie’s own KP…You make the call as to whom wrote the truer account…