The One about Going Dark, but Moving On…

So since Pax, a few people have noticed and commented that I really haven’t been around at lot/at all, or am on at strange hours – even for me.
Before going away, I knew my assistant manager was going to be transferring to another store, leaving his position open. In truth, he left the day after I did, and this left our manager and one other individual to run the store, and attempt to begin to train the new guy, who started while I was away – and had originally been hired to fill the Asst. manager position because no one thought I wanted it…
Well, that’s not quite true, but is now besides the point.

As soon as I came back from Seattle, I switched back into retail-gear, and my manager took off on a much needed holiday. As the unoffical ‘acting assistant manager’ I’ve had all the responsibilities but none of the actual support behind my name, which short term is fine, but in the long run it’s frustrating.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the new guy, and as he at one point was a manager at a Gameshack, he’s definatly got more management experience than I do, but for any of thoes of you who have worked at EB know, there are always a shitload of promotions and otherthings we have to try and sell a customer on. We might not always agree with it, but it’s part of the job…100%, I think Phil (the new guy, obviously) will make a great assistant manager in a few months, once he’s been around and memorized the basic stuff, but until then, imho, hireing a management position like that off the street is extremly risky. And in our case, totally unneccessary.

I had a conversation with my manger a few days ago, after he’d gotten back from his camping trip, and had probed gently about my chances of getting the position -whether or not I go back to school in January, and was told that chances were extremly high, so long as nothing went ape-shit duringvthe vendor’s show (a 3-5 day trip where all EB Canada managers gather, meet with industry reps and find out all the cool stuff…ie, e3 just for the managers, plus a bunch of conferences to go over new proceedures and whatnot…).

He called me today and told me “You’re my new ASM. You start today. Now here’s a few questions…”
20 mins later, I was still trying to figure out the conversation, lol.

Anyway. So today, (er, yesterday), finally saw come to fruition something I’ve been working towards for over a year. I wanted this position as an indication that what I do, the dedication I have shown not only to the industry but to the store, means something other than just what another, average person can do. I feel like for the first time in quite a while, I’ve reached one of thoes milestones that I didn’t really realize how important it was until I’d passed it.

So I hope you’ll all indulge me a little as I feel a little like the cat that ate the Canary….

Ok, moment over, what’s next…oh that’s right. Convincing George Brown College to take a chance on me…and after that? Well, I know where I want to be in two – three years. They just might not know it yet. But they will when I’m ready for it…