The one about Catching Up….

So, yet again, I have had bank card troubles…fourth bank card since last August I’ve had to get…Not my fault though, for the first time!

So, when I was in LA, I get a call from my new assistant manager…at seven frickin’ o’clock in the morning…someone Claims he forgot about the time change…oh wait, no, he thought I was back…yeah, right….moving on.

So, apparently, my bank had called work, because for some odd reason they didn’t have any other number…but because it was fricken seven am, I totally slept through the call, not paying any attention to what Reese was telling me, and promptly rolled over and went back to sleep.

So I get back, my Tax return’s already here (thank you daddy’s accountants!), and so I trot off to the bank, totally forgetting they called me, and deposit it without a second though.

Until later that night. Go to use my bank card – Restricted Card.


Ok, so I think, maybe because I took cash back, i’m over the limit.

Try again the next day – this is friday by now…Same thing.

In the meantime, our store gets new shelving and because the store is so damn small, the shelving boxes take up half the damn thing, so we have to rip into it and totally redo the store. First time I get a chance, I call CIBC and try and find out wtf is going on. Apparently, some time while I was away, someone tried to fraudently use a card # at a machine or store that I use regularily, and so the bank whiped all bank cards that had been used – hence the phonecall.

And by this time, it’s six pm. ON THE LONG WEEKEND.

I was Not happy.

I ended up trying to transfer money from my account to my visa via internet, which of course didn’t work, because it was restricted, and I then got to spend a further 45 minutes on the phone, bouncing back and forth between CIBC telephone banking and Visa telephone….however, in the long run, Visa actually came through, and extended my credit for a few days so I had Some money…

For all their nasty interest, Visa is cool. I’ve heard sooooo many horror stories, but for once, something worked for me. It was cool….

Anyway, as I said, we got a new asm, and he’s cool. He loves halo, (joinging me and my manager for that…
AND he’s coming to RVBTO (as is my Manager, if we can schedule it right…)

Yeah, it’s been good for once!