Thank goodness for Random.

So about two months ago, friends decided that I was flying ACROSS the country, to stay with people I’ve never met in person, only played with every single day for the last….oh, seven months, some of them, and that I had no choice in the matter.

So I decided to go.

And here I am.

Now, I’ve been to Washinton before, when I was a Very little girl, but I haven’t spent any time in Seattle, and technically, I’m not even spending time there now, since the building PAX is being held in is in Bellview….(sorry if I’ve misspelled that…)

It’s definatly been awsome meeting everyone here, and we played in the H2 turnie today, we started with 64 teams, and we made it to the top eight before we lost. Oh god. We were so up until 6:30 this morning playing here, and the comp was at 11…I didn’t eat breakfast cuz I was so damn nervous – I’ve never competed before – and by the time we walked in the doors to ‘warm up’ I’d drunk three cans of Red Bull and half a can of coke. End of the second round, I was shaking Soooo bad…also really had to go to the bathroom…heehee…note to self, go to the bathroom BEFORE you walk in thoes doors….we had to delay the third round just for me….

Yeah, and that warm up? Didn’t happen. We were told they were running 30 mins behind, and that instead of warm up at 10, it would be at 10:30, the original start time, and that the actual comp would start at 11. So we go in, thinking we can warm up with one game…and get told as soon as we’ve got our names and our profles set up – yeah, you’re playing this team. NOW.


But I degress. It seriously Was cool playing, even though e had to sub in for Seatown as my unofficial waterboy – after all, we WERE the PMS & H2o clan…

Heavy Arm’s team took second…and the third place team was 116, which is a MS based team (they rock, but they got taken on a few maps) that we met when we were allowed back in to watch the finals.

Everyone did really well and the final battle for first place was SERIOUSLY tight (50 – 49!)

Anyway, pictures when I get back and steal them for everyone….