Teeth are Expensive – even in Meret’s mouth.

I dropped Meret off for her first dental cleaning this morning at 8:30 am. Wandering home, my mind was an utter mess with what could go wrong (horror stories of how cats don’t always do well with anesthesia) and guilt over not watching over her better. This morning was a wash for me doing just about anything until I heard from them, I was so distracted. Getting home and *not* hearing her bell jingle as she scampers away from the door when I open it is just *wrong* to me. While I am traveling and am often away from her right now, this is the first time in over a year that I’ve been home, and she *hasn’t* been…

The vet called: Meret is doing well, but they’re going to have to pull an additional 4 teeth to take the total to 6.

Thankfully, because one of their techs was out during the month of Feb (and the screw up with the dates), they’re continuing to observe the discounts they had running through Feb (dental month) as well as work with a sliding scale when more teeth have to come out.

Instead of 1200, her teeth work will come in at $1100 (with $100+ of that having already been for the original blood work ), and it’s totally supported by the care credit – so I’ll be able to spread it out over the next several months in stead of getting slammed all at once.

It’s worth it, to stop her being in pain (even if derp tongue was cute) and the vet thinks she’ll be able to go back to her normal food once her jaw is healed with no real problem – she doesn’t exactly stop to chew at the best of times as it is.

I’m so relieved. I appreciate that the vet whom I’ve been dealing with gave me a personal call to give me all the details. I know that’s probably status quo for them, but it means a *lot* to me to hear from him directly that she’s doing well under the anesthesia, exactly what they’re going to have to do to her, etc. I feel like I can actually get some work done now that I’ve mentally digested what he’s said, instead of being a mental mess until I can go pick her up. I can begin to stop feeling guilty for not recognizing that her teeth were in worse shape then we thought back in Nov when we first talked about it. I’m incredibly thankful I’m in a place financially where this can be taken care of with some careful planning for the next few months, I couldn’t be ok with spending money on fripperies for myself knowing she’s in pain.