Thoughtful Tuesday – December 10, 2013

There are a few certainties and constants that I have observed in my life thus far:

– I am not an overly patient person
Dec 10_4When faced with a situation that requires me to be patient, I do my best but if it goes on too long I start going a wee bit nuts. Distracting myself is the only option and I keep myself busy with a variety of different activities. Physical exertion tends to work the best, since when I’m running or dancing I have to fully concentrate on what the heck I’m doing, lest I trip or move in a way that would hurt me – plus then I’m too tired to live in my own head when I go to lay down and sleep. Continue reading “Thoughtful Tuesday – December 10, 2013”

Thoughtful Tuesday – November 26, 2013

Heeeeeey look, it’s Tuesday. That means I should be writing one of these blog type things, as I just remembered while lying on the floor next to Meret, who has taken up residence on a floor heat register. She looked cute, so I decided to join her – and then hopped back up as memory struck me about today’s entry.

I’m clearly struggling to keep a schedule – something I’m not very used to and have mostly been without since the end of October. Feels odd.
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