Thoughtful Tuesday – October 21, 2014

Oct 15_02Got a second? See that sliding scale just to the right of the top of this post? That’s a link to my Extra Life page. If you have a moment, and the ability, I would sincerely appreciate you making a donation. This year, I’m supporting BC Children’s Hospital by playing video games for 24 hours. Any little bit helps, I’ll wait.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

At work last week, we decided that as a studio we are going to take part in Extra Life. This will be my 5th Extra Life, having having taken part in one way or another since 2010. While I was working on the CNE announcement blog, I was reminded of the details surrounding the creation of Extra Life. Even five years later, the desire to honour a young life tragically cut short by a childhood illness punched me right in the feels all over again. While I have never been a member of the Sarcastic Gamers community, I remember the news of Victoria’s passing rippling across social media and effectively, throughout the gaming community as a whole at the time.

With the state of the wider gaming community at this time, I’ve struggled with seemingly endless feelings frustration, anger and disgust. For the better part of 10 years, I and other women and men in the gaming community and industry have tried to lead by example, to encourage our fellow gamers to come to the understanding that united, we are a force for positive change in society. In multiplayer games, you must work together as a coherent team in order to achieve your objective be it to capture a flag, unlock new content or bring down a raid boss. Extra Life, Child’s Play and other events like these are perfect encapsulations of how we can take what we do for “fun” and make it go a whole lot father.

Mark Twain’s quote at the start of this blog resonated with me this week as I sat reading the latest nonsense a very small, but extremely vicious vocal minority is attempting to spread. I realized that the best way I can combat the sexism and the hate that I have encountered is to continue upholding my own personal morals in how I act online when I game; to lead by example in welcoming those who are new to the world of gaming and encourage them to behave in ways that promote inclusion and a healthy community; to help someone’s life just because I can, for no other benefit.

And so once again I ask – if you have the ability to do so please join me in supporting Extra Life 2014. Help show the wider world that we aren’t a misogynistic, self entitled subculture but instead that the community as a whole are wonderful, self less members of a society which knows no physical boundaries. Checkpoint by checkpoint, we can and will achieve our goals.

Thank you.

Oct 21_1

This post was brought to you by several deliciously fragrant cups of David’s Tea “Sweet Apple Cider and one very unhelpful derp of a cat.