Foodening Friday – December 6, 2013

I think – *think* – I might be getting back on track for this blogging schedule. Just in time for it to possibly be thrown entirely out of whack again – for all the right reasons. We’ll see what the future holds.

I waffled on which of two recipes I was going to attempt today, and ultimately picked this one because I forgot to get cream cheese while I was at the store tonight and the only cc I have at home currently is chocolate cream cheese – which I doubt would go that well with a tomato/spinach based dish. Next time!

I was initially unsure about the recipe. It’s got tomatoes and peanut butter in the base recipe – but I understand it now. Continue reading “Foodening Friday – December 6, 2013”

Foodening Friday – November 8, 2013

Today has been a day of rich foods. I started by going to brunch at a Family Pancake house with a friend, where I gorged myself on potato pancakes and sour cream. Yum…

I then got sucked back into AC3 since I restarted it last night (or really, VERY early this morning), not having brought either my GT or my MU. I think the game save is actually in the cloud, but Kym’s system isn’t set up for that access, and I didn’t really feel like waking her up at 1:30 am to ask if she would be ok with me setting that up. I hadn’t gotten that far, so meh. Without getting too sidetracked here, I’ve managed to sync more memories to 100% this time around, so it seems to have been a good thing to restart 🙂

Anyway, back to the food! I had offered to make lunch today, then promptly forgot until I got back and Kym made a comment around 2pm…oops. So off I trotted to Trade Joes to grab some fresh Brie to make us these: Continue reading “Foodening Friday – November 8, 2013”