Thoughtful Tuesday – January 7, 2014

Priorities are such a funny thing.

Take last night for example. I had to work today. But at midnight (when I normally head to bed), I still had an episode and a half of Pride & Prejudice to go. Yes of course, I’ve seen it a bazillion times, and will see it a trillion times more. But who needs sleep when you have one Miss Elizabeth Bennett to provide entertainment?

Jan 7_1

Mentally, my poor brain hasn’t got a clue as to what the heck is going on anymore. I walked into Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a few things tonight and had to struggle to remind myself not to go hog wild on outfitting my apartment – plenty of time to do it in the next few months. But there were a few things that just couldn’t wait anymore. Water filter/pitcher. Sheets. Shower Curtain. Kettle.
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