Smashing Sunday – September 15, 2013

Challenge Three: Favourite Food

Quick, tell me your absolute favourite food. You can only pick one. Can you honestly do it? I know I couldn’t.

So instead, I chose foods which have great meaning or comfort to me:
Sept 15_1a
Of course, in the top right spot, we have Kraft Dinner.
This is probably the closest I have to a favourite food.
If I’m sick, this is what I want to eat, no question.

Strawberries, dark chocolate and profiteroles all feed into my sweet tooth which I keep a *very* firm grip on. Otherwise, I’d just eat sweet stuff all. the. time. Om nom nom…

The second entry of pasta is kind of a cheat, because I kinda already covered it with the KD, but I like ALL types of pasta, not just cheesey, dayglo orange mac & cheese.

The ketchup started off as a joke. But when I mentioned to Colin that I was trying to come up with things to include, he independently suggested I include Ketchup. So I started seriously thinking about it – Ketchup was something I grew up putting on almost everything. Porkchops, hamburgers, chicken… As a kid, I wouldn’t eat it if it didn’t have ketchup to dip in. (I wonder if this is the connection to why I prefer most foods to not have sauces or extra – I want to actually TASTE the food finally. Food for thought…(oh such a bad pun!!))

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Smashing Sunday – September 1, 2013

Greetings fair travellers, friends and the voices inside my head!

Welcome to a new series of blogs that I’m planning to explore over the next few months, starting today! Why start a new ‘venture’ at the end of the calendar year, you ask?
Why not? We start school (traditionally) in September, many companies start their fiscal years in July or August…And I’ve always been a fan of starting a new goal with either a new month, or special attention to an end date, i.e. ending on the last day of the month, etc.
As my intent is to stick to a set schedule of days I’m writing on with no end date in sight, it seemed most logical to start with a new month – and so here we are!

So why “Smashing Sunday?”
If you’ve poked around on the blog at all, you may have noticed I’m a fan of alliteration. I’m pretty it’s one of those “rules of writing” you’re not supposed to overuse, but I like the sound of these things in my head when I’m writing, and that’s why we write publically isn’t it? To allow our mental voice(s) out in a socially accepted format. As to the “smashing” part:

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