Foodening Friday – January 3, 2014

Writing this blog series has been interesting over the last four months. I was *never* a dedicated journal writer, and even for work, I occasionally missed blogs due to a lack of prep time, other priorities, or just not having a decent topic to write about – and I *refuse* to write fluff pieces.

Of the three topics, I feel like the food blogs sometimes suffer the most from the intrusion of life. Because they require me to actually cook and usually, I prefer to cook from scratch, it just doesn’t always come together within the week. Especially right now, when I’m bouncing between two locations that have a five hour (at the best of times) commute between them. Count down to the move is on however!

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Foodening Friday – December 27, 2013

Continuing my ‘nearly late’ posts from this week…I swear, my body is so completely screwed up, I THINK I’ve been living on PST time while in EST, but I’m not entirely sure at this point. I’m really looking forward to getting home tomorrow (though not the time I have to be at the airport because of my mom’s flight) and passing out. Or maybe I’ll be lucky and actually pass out during my entire flight home. Unlikely, but I can hope.

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