“Enter the Goblin.”

In 2010, I created a D&D character known as E’kai Komataree, a 4th Edition Dragonborn Paladin-then Warlord-then Hybrid Warlord/Paladin for a homebrew campaign.
What follows is E’kai’s personal journal which was originally started as a recap of the previous play session (we were only playing once a month), but then transitioned into a way for me to expand her character.

Our group of adventurers find a gate to another world and artifacts that bring forth memories of past lives…Destinies that have yet to be fulfilled.

I rose from my bed early the next morning and though I’d probably not shut my eyes for longer than ten minutes at a time, I felt refreshed, as though I’d spent the night on a bed of sweet hay. When I had returned to my room after speaking to the Ancient Elder WRINKLE the night previous, I had made a curious discovery, a leather bound journal had appeared in my chamber. Leafing through it’s pages, an idea had begun to grow and by the time I’d returned from breakfast I had come to the obvious conclusion: I would record for future reference our doings, so that I might examine them for training purposes or information at a later date. Besides, it was already clear to me that the rest of the bumbling idiots I was traveling with weren’t going to come up with the same idea on their own. I also suspect that the journal has come to me specifically, and therefore, I will do my best to treat it with the respect it deserves.

I have spent the last several hours recreating our journey as best as I remember, and this recording is now up to date. It is a good thing too, as IMMERAL the PALADIN now decides he is eager to be away for today’s doings. Inconsistent man…one day up, down the next. Confusing and annoying.

I will bring the journal with me, wrapped up neatly and tucked into the RANGER’s quiver. We go to the ruins of Shadowfell Keep today, the final spot of interest as listed on the map we received from WRINKLE several days ago. We must return to Irontooth’s lair, there is a passage behind the waterfall to the Keep there.

~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

What a waste of a day. First, it took almost all the light hours to get to the ruins themselves, never mind the organizational prep work which had to be inspected and redone this morning before we’d even left Winterhaven. How have any of these morons survived this long on their own? My mother Elder would be utterly ashamed to see them…but I digress.

Upon arrival at the keep, we discovered someone had made quick work of rubble excavation around stairs which seemed to descend down into the lower, but hopefully more intact levels of the Keep. The stairs seemed sturdy enough and so we ventured downwards.

I’m not sure what is going on between ELDAAR the RANGER and CORRINA the Rogue, but they’re now tying for first place for annoying me with IMMERIAL. They seem to be trying to one-up each other and in the process, are trying to kill each other.
As long as only they get killed, well, I don’t care.

Eldaar attempted to convince Corrina to walk over a rat filled pit, covered in a cleverly disguised tarp. I flambeed the rats easily, before having to deal with a handful of Kobolds and Goblins, attracted by the stupid arguing between Eldaar and Corrina.
The scent of roasting rat flesh along with the rotting scent of Kobold and Goblin blood adds so nicely to the dank sewer air of the ruins…it’s almost daisy fresh!

Choosing arbitrarily from three possible directions, we found ourselves poking through an empty storeroom filled with empty clay pots, which SOMEONE (*cough*Corrina*cough*) just HAD to go and smash open. Which then alerted the Goblins in the dungeon/torture chamber next door that we were coming – pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I’m surrounded by Undisciplined IDIOTS!! Corrina went flouncing into the corner after I admonished her for making a racket and while I was busy with her, IMMERAL slammed the next door opened – ruining any small hope of a surprise attack we’d had left. I should shove her into the Iron Maidens we found in the room, maybe a little time in one of them would improve her…

Once we finished disposing of the Goblins, we discovered that they had imprisoned one of their own for stealing ale rations, and in exchange for our promising to release him (and an additional promise from me not to eat him – as if I would, Goblin flesh is notoriously stringy), the Goblin has given us map details, such as they are. He apparently has very little grasp on proper proportional distances.

We’ve decided to take him with us for now, and have him bound and chained to my waist. We will see how long he manages to stay alive, most likely he will fall either to an enemies blade or I’ll decide I’m hungry after all…

By this point, I was tired of dealing with everyone. We made the Goblin taste the stew we found brewing in the chamber and once we were relatively sure he wasn’t poisoned, helped ourselves to some. I made the executive decision that we would remain in the chamber for the night, since the door was still mostly intact. It was a slight risk, we knew there to be more Goblins in the next room both from the rescued Goblin’s indication and from listening at the door, but I posted Corrina and Immeral to first watch – hopefully the two could manage to keep us alive – and if not, their certain indignant squawking as they were cut down would probably give the rest of us enough time to gather our wits and counter attack.

“A Wrinkle Out of Time.”

In 2010, I created a D&D character known as E’kai Komataree, a 4th Edition Dragonborn Paladin-then Warlord-then Hybrid Warlord/Paladin for a homebrew campaign.
What follows is E’kai’s personal journal which was originally started as a recap of the previous play session (we were only playing once a month), but then transitioned into a way for me to expand her character.

Our group of adventurers find a gate to another world and artifacts that bring forth memories of past lives…Destinies that have yet to be fulfilled.

It was overcast, though stars could still be seen peeking through overhead and the scent of dinner fires wafted through the air, but there was very little noise overall.

I’d left my companions back at the inn to go to bed (because they’re all pussies who can’t manage to stay awake past the witching hour). Although the hour was late, I didn’t think I’d have a problem finding the old man who had ‘helped’ us previously. This conversation was long overdue, so I approached the tent and walked through its flaps determinedly.

A single lamp was lit in his tent, and cast its glow over a desk, where the old man seemed hard at work on papers in front of him.

“Elder, a moment of your time?”

He looked up, startled, as he moved to dip his quill into an inkwell. In his surprise, he knocked it across the desk towards me, ink spilling across the desk. “Oh, good evening Childer. How goes your journey?” He seemed oddly unphased by the wasted ink.

I picked up the inkwell and placed it back on the desk before him. “We fair…mostly well. This group is…unusual, they are ragtag and not coherent. Not at all like the guardforce I am used to. Very little discipline. I find them to be amusing quite often, and yet frustrating at other times. The Rogue and Ranger often make me want to knock their heads together…”

“Well, you’re dealing with one who is most at peace with nature and nothing else, and one who makes a living from being a trickster. Frustration is to be expected, but perseverance will serve you well. And thank you,” he said, nodding toward the inkwell.

Glancing down, I noticed that the ink changed colours on my fingertips in the lamp light, and gently move my fingers in the lamp light, watching how the colour changed. “What you say is true of course, but makes it no less annoying. I have yet to understand the Rogue’s reason for…well, for lack of a better phrase, for being here. But then again, I suppose that is to be expected of him, well, her. A most amusing change that was Elder…unexpected, but amusing.”

I paused, putting my hand closer to the light to examine the ink more closely, then began again. “I come this night specifically to discuss some things I saw when we went through the gate. You’ve no doubt noticed the different armor I now wear – have you ever seen it’s like before?”

He leaned back in his chair. “Not in a very long time,” he said, grinning ever so slightly, only noticeable at the edges of his silver eyes. “Even your elder dragons were young in those days. It was worn by a great leader, I think she was of your kind as well, but of Chromium lineage.”

I paused momentarily, stopping my hand’s movements and slowly lowered it to my side. “And if I said I saw a vision while we were there…of a great many people, people from many races and lineages – what would you say to that?”

He laughed. “There are some, that no matter how old they are when they die, die too young. Especially when what needs to be done has not yet been finished. Those souls get returned into the cycle.”

“So was that a past or a future? Or, I suppose, do they exist all jumbled up together…”

“Ahh, now that is a conundrum, isn’t it? Time is indeed a strange thing, and there are those that can wield it like a sword. They would say it’s as malleable as butter, and just as slippery.”

“Sounds like our Rogue. Now that would be a displeasing concept, a Rogue who could also control time…”

“It would indeed be…vexing.”

I pulled the parchment we’d discovered earlier from my pouch and held it out to him. “Elder, we investigated the Kobold’s lair behind a waterfall this day and slew a most…frustrating creature called Irontooth. We found this document and it proves most indecipherable. This city, it appears as it is the one I saw in my vision. What can you tell me of it?”

As he first looked at it, a look of shock stole over his face before quickly transforming into careful blankness. “This is a page of a journal, it is the first time the the Garthan realm opened to the realm of Carcasia.”

I frowned, hearing those names, there was something about them that seemed familiar, but I could not quite place them. “Garthan? Carcasia? Elder you speak in riddles, wrapped in conundrums. Who’s journal is this? Please, I wish to learn.”

His shoulders dropped, and he heaved a heavy sigh. “It is in my daughter’s hand.”

“Your…your daughter’s hand? Forgive me Aged Elder, I had no notion.” I swept a low bow, holding it for a moment before rising again. I opened my mouth to continue, then hesitated not entirely sure where to begin, feeling a raging internal conflict between showing him the respect due and my curiosity. Finally huffing a short breath, I asked what had been on the tip of my tongue. “Aged Elder…Sir, if this is in your daughter’s hand…how came you to be here…now?”

“Several of us were sent on missions early on, those of us that would be able to find help and send it back, but my group lost contact as the planes shifted, and we weren’t able to gather reinforcements. Our navigator was kidnapped, our ship destroyed, and our weapons left powerless…I know not of what happened to my daughter…”

I nodded, chewing on my bottom lip – a bad habit that I had been unable to train myself out of, to the disgrace of my mother Elder, and reflected on this. “And you were unable to return…how long, then, have you been on this plane?”

He looked at the bookshelves, and then down to his hands. “Nearly a millennium.”

I blinked slowly several times, trying absorbing this fact. “You look…very well for your age…”

“Thank you, Childer. Temporis has been kind to me.”

“Temporis? Do you mean that what I know as Terris? This world?”

“Temporis, well, I suppose you could call him a god.”

“He is…He is a god of your people? Of your…Carcasia?

He looked off into the distance, and licks his lips slightly. “He was a god of our realm, and a friend.”

“The portal that we went through – it leads to Carcasia then? Why have you not attempted to return home? Surely….surely gods in your world are like those here, they are immortal?”

“I’ve never been able to pass through it. My destiny is not there, though through it, I watched the fall of the Great City.”

“My heart is pained at this. To watch but be unable to act…The gods were cruel to you Elder, very cruel.”

“I’m not sure our gods had any control over it. The Garthans brought with them their own…Gods…if you will. Watching them battle was…difficult.”

“Did the Gods themselves battle? That city…you called it the Great City? Was it they who caused it to fall? In my dream….it had not been destroyed…or perhaps, it had not yet been rebuilt? Time…is an elusive constant to discuss…”

“Some of my people escaped, but I’m not sure to where. And the Garthans took over, and ravaged Carcasia for all its resources, as they did their own realm.”

“These Garthans, what are they? What do they look like?”

“They were as living shadows.”He looked visibly weakened by the conversation. “The hour grows late, Childer, and we fogies must get our beauty rest. You wouldn’t want to see us without it.” He grinned a bit, and stood up, and led me to the tent flap.

“It has pleased me much to learn from you tonight Elder. Before we part, might I be permitted to learn your name? It would do me great honour…”

“All I am now is Wrinkle.”

I blinked and nodded, and with one last bow, left the tent. I felt that I would be returning again when I have traveled more. I watched the light go out inside the tent. Oddly enough, the stars hadn’t shifted. A similar phenomenon as to when we had passed through the portal perhaps?

A most interesting old man…and one who clearly had many secrets. I most fervently wish that I would prove to be worthy of them. With this final thought, I retired to my own rooms.

“Who needs a full party anyway?”

In 2010, I created a D&D character known as E’kai Komataree, a 4th Edition Dragonborn Paladin-then Warlord-then Hybrid Warlord/Paladin for a homebrew campaign.
What follows is E’kai’s personal journal which was originally started as a recap of the previous play session (we were only playing once a month), but then transitioned into a way for me to expand her character.

Our group of adventurers find a gate to another world and artifacts that bring forth memories of past lives…Destinies that have yet to be fulfilled.

We awoke early the next day, (all but IMMERAL the PALADIN who complained as a baby that his stomach hurt, so we left him at the inn) and again, the Elder’s tent was darkened, so we journeyed towards the waterfall to begin the investigation of the KOBOLD action that LORD PADRIG asked us to investigate.

We arrived at the waterfall, and dispatched several KOBOLDS with ease. I did have to physically stop the impudent RANGER from dashing through the waterfall after a straggler. Undisciplined idiot.

The KOBOLDS appear to have been excavating something that radiating power – just being near it made us feel stronger. As the fight was so short, we decided to push on through the waterfall without stopping to do more than take a sip of water.

Entering the KOBOLDS lair, it was clear that the straggler had alerted his comrades – I should have allowed the Ranger to go after him, perhaps he could have stuck a few of them before being killed…

We met with a surprising amount of damage and resistance and my attention was fully focused on keeping the flighty SORCERESS alive. Useless squishy girl. IMMERAL the PALADIN finally decided to show up, “rushing in to save the day” or something asinine like that. With his additional distraction, we made quick work of all the remaining KOBOLDS, and took out the one known as IRONTOOTH with minimal troubles.

In the corner of the lair, we discovered a small pile of treasure and a chest with a suit of armor and a most interesting parchment. On it, an image of the same city from my vision, the same city we saw in ruins on the other side of the portal and the following text:

Nars 3, 6521
I awoke this morning to a most peculiar sight. It was as if the sky had opened up.

Nars 10, 6521
The rift has stabilized.
Some of my students think it may be possible to send an object through, and have it come out the other side in a different world. They’ve even come up with some designs for the probe. Sometimes I think they might be too smart for their own good.

Nars 12, 6521
Arch Chancelor Dukem has taken several of my students and has been given full dominion over the research regarding the rift by the city council. Evidently the plan is to build one of the probes and send it through. I could only have been more excited if I hadn’t had the project yanked out from under me.

Nars 35, 6521
The probe we sent through the rift will only be able to send back a signal when realms cross, but will record as potential energy from the collisions is released before-hand. It should be able to calculate the inverse of the trajectories giving a full arc-segment for the realm.

Nars 98, 6521
The first signal from the probe has been received. It would seem the neighboring plane is inhabitable. Researchers from the Ambraz University are putting a team together to be the first of our kind to set foot in another reality.

Nars 99, 6521
Something seems very wrong. We have received a second signal, almost identical in wavelength to the first, but it has come from a different plane. Researchers are suggesting two possibilities: either time is passing relative to the plane (a laughable conclusion) or the inhabitants of the first realm upgraded our design somehow. We’ll find out after we’ve made our maiden voyage.

Damn him to the eternal hells, I need to speak to the Elder!

CORRINA the ROGUE attempted to make off with half the gold from the chest, but I stopped him and employed ELDAAR the RANGER’s quiver. I pocketed the paper until I could speak to the Elder and we returned to Winterhaven to make our report to LORD PADRIG.