Smashing Sunday – September 15, 2013

Challenge Three: Favourite Food

Quick, tell me your absolute favourite food. You can only pick one. Can you honestly do it? I know I couldn’t.

So instead, I chose foods which have great meaning or comfort to me:
Sept 15_1a
Of course, in the top right spot, we have Kraft Dinner.
This is probably the closest I have to a favourite food.
If I’m sick, this is what I want to eat, no question.

Strawberries, dark chocolate and profiteroles all feed into my sweet tooth which I keep a *very* firm grip on. Otherwise, I’d just eat sweet stuff all. the. time. Om nom nom…

The second entry of pasta is kind of a cheat, because I kinda already covered it with the KD, but I like ALL types of pasta, not just cheesey, dayglo orange mac & cheese.

The ketchup started off as a joke. But when I mentioned to Colin that I was trying to come up with things to include, he independently suggested I include Ketchup. So I started seriously thinking about it – Ketchup was something I grew up putting on almost everything. Porkchops, hamburgers, chicken… As a kid, I wouldn’t eat it if it didn’t have ketchup to dip in. (I wonder if this is the connection to why I prefer most foods to not have sauces or extra – I want to actually TASTE the food finally. Food for thought…(oh such a bad pun!!))

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