Smashing Sunday: February 2, 2014

Another month, another post!
With things finally moved over to the island, I’ve finally started to settle in a little, at least all the furniture is now set up, what little of it that I actually have. That being said, it was a no brainer to complete this week’s theme. (I totally skipped for a few weeks until I had stuff in the apartment, so it wouldn’t look so depressingly empty. Or something like that.)

Challenge Nineteen: Something New

Feb 2_01

After several months of having most of my stuff in boxes/packed away, it’s inexplicably calming to see books on a shelf. I still have a fair amount to get out of boxes (as the one picture in the above image indicates) but that requires a shopping trip and the use of someone’s car to find shelving units. I’m taking my time with it though to be honest, because I have access to the most important stuff, and can sort through anything that I need to.

A bigger issue exists in the bedroom – the closet doesn’t have a bar to hang things off of, due to how an installed shelf works (the closet has access to the water turn off for the whole house), so most of my stuff hasn’t been rehung. I’m debating just getting a mobile unit, and putting it in under the shelf, but it may block access to the turn off…Well, we’ll see. Still working on it!

Challenge complete!
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  • Phu

    Woot woot!!! Achievement unlocked! 😀