Smashing Sunday – December 29, 2013

Second last post of the year!

These challenges are so vague. I’m sure that’s part of the point, but it does make choosing how to fulfill the challenge…more..challenging. Clearly the holidays have eaten what little brainpower I have left.

Challenge Sixteen: Favourite Pictures

Dec 29_01

I will be honest, I don’t know that I HAVE favourite photos. It’s like the label of “best friend” – how do you choose just one person above all others to gift with that moniker? I have a couple of people who fall in to that category, and thus it shouldn’t shock you to realize I have more than one photo which does too. So I collected some of them above.

From the left:
– Me in grade 10, my hair was pink from an audition I’d done the day before. Don’t think I ended up getting the role, but it was fun.
– I wanted an “Alice in Wonderland” style pose…and then got silly on Jackie, my amazing photographer. Oops!

– James and I at E3 2006, where we first met.
– Yesenia and I, in 2010. Thank goodness for those old photos with the date stamp!
– Joe and I at Dre’s birthday party one year. I think he was trying to eat my head or something.

– Bats, Cori and I, circa 2006 at an E3 party. Pretty sure that was the official MS party, but it’s kinda hazy.
– The three ChiX founder tattoos, freshly inked. Yup, I cried like a baby. Yup, I own that fact. Yup I still want more.
– Tammy, Brandee and I. Two of the best women I know, faults and all!

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  • Phu

    You are soo adorable with the pink hair in 10th grade <3