Smashing Sunday – Decemeber 1, 2013

Challenge Thirteen: Favourite Book

This challenge seems to be very reminiscent of one I did earlier, so I decided to change it to something that isn’t included in the rest of the challenge, but is far more my style:

Challenge Thirteen: Favourite Video Game(s)

Challenge Thirteen

‘Cuz I can’t pick just one, and even one within each series would be hard to pinpoint, but if pressed:

– Halo: H2 for multiplayer (duh) and ODST for story
– Assassin’s Creed: AC:B(rotherhood) and AC: Black Flag are tying for story, (not to mention AC:BF for the sheer beauty on next gen), though I all but refuse to play the multiplayer.
– Lego: LotR takes the cake (because I haven’t played Lego Marvel yet, though I think that will take top spot when I do)

It’s been an absolute gamer’s pleasure to watch and be able to experience the changes that these series have gone through, with over 10 years of Halo, and soon coming up on ten years for the Lego games (2015). Got a few more years for AC to hit that mark, but what a ride it’ll be, if the current games are anything to judge by.

Challenge complete!
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