Smashing Sunday – November 10, 2013

Challenge Eleven: A Concert You Have Attended

Nov 11_01a

My favourite band of all time, whom I’ve seen in concert twice: Great Big Sea.

I was introduced to them many years ago, and they have a great mi of very traditional “sea songs” (They are, as they put it, from the “tropical island of Newfoundland) as well as a more conventional sound. Absolutely badass, and I was happy to introduce Colin to them a few years ago. We went to see them in Seattle earlier this year, on their 20th anniversary concert tour.

Not only can all the members sing wonderfully (and they do!), each of them plays multiple instrument; I think we lost count at 12?
Be it fast or slow, their songs are catchy, singable and fun. Can’t wait to see them again sometime!

Challenge complete!
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