Smashing Sunday – November 3, 2013

Challenge 10: Favourite Candy

“Any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.”

Nov 3_01

Contrary to what my mother might try and convince you of otherwise, I wasn’t a big sugar eater growing up. I enjoyed sweet things just as much as the next kid (Coca-Cola and Grape or Orange Crush were particularly bad fixtures, whenever I could get away with it), but I also understood fairly early on thanks to dance classes that I needed real nutrition to be able to keep my energy levels up and make it through class (as well as all the other after school activities my mother tended to have me involved in).

As I got older, and certainly as I moved out on my own, I learned (after a few bad years recently) that it’s of course much similar to “just eat whatever” – but the physical price you tend to pay for that isn’t great – and I probably got lucky that kick-starting my metabolism in the last few years has left me with a body that is back to the shape I wanted it to be in.

Now, I normally shy away from the sweets, but there are a few that have followed me all my life:

– Gum. Love it, love chewing it, love blowing and popping bubbles. Not so much a fan of the newer stuff, which seems to go hard after chewing for ten minutes – never mind loosing it’s flavour within five seconds.
– Chupa Chub lollipops, especially the Strawberry and Raspberry flavours. So horrible for your teeth and I just don’t care.
– Dark chocolate. Couldn’t stand it’s bitter taste when I was a kid, now it’s the only thing I can eat – everything else tastes too sweet to me.

Challenge complete!
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