Smashing Sunday – October 6, 2013

Challenge Six: Favourite Character

(Can’t be a movie)

Oct 6_01

I’ve decided that I don’t like how some of these challenges are written. And since it’s MY Blog, I’ll do what I want!

I really only object to the wording of the second part, the “can’t be a movie” bit. And really only in relation to the character of one Miss Elizabeth Bennett. My love affair with Pride and Prejucide started long before I read the book in Gr 10 – I saw the BBC P&P when it first aired, in 1995. When I read the book 6 years later, I realized how much more there was to the character; and while the BBC’s version is fantastic, it actually isn’t the most ‘dedicated’ version of the story, though I think it stays truest to the feeling that Jane Austin evoked with her words. If that makes sense to anyone other than my brain.
So Elizabeth Bennet takes number one.

Dirty little secret, I love romance novels. Specifically those which are set in the Regency time period.
What can I say, I prefer my fantasies of a world where people were courteous to each other, and your reputation actually MEANT something.

Anyway, my next favourite “Character” is actually a family around which an author has based something like 16 full-length novels and numerous shorts – and has started work on her “third” generation. Love it! She occasionally spins off to other series, and will often have characters cross over between them in cameos.
If any of that appeals, check out “Devil’s Bride” by Stephanie Laurence, which started it all.

Rounding out the mix is the character of “Karigan G’ladheon,” star of the “Rider” series by Kristin Britian. I was introduced to the original book when I was in HS, but it would take her almost ten years to write the sequel. Thankfully, the author has stepped up her release schedule, and book five is due out next may -Can’t wait!

Challenge complete!
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