Smashing Sunday – October 27, 2013

Challenge Nine: Favourite TV Show

I’m not sure if these challenges are meant to be so…challenging, but this week’s had me stumped for a while. Last week, it was easy to pin down my favourite – after all, who wouldn’t adore a little robot who only dreams of love and companionship? (Reminds me, need to rewatch wall-e soon, haven’t seen it in far too long.)

Until the last few months, I was never much of a tv watcher. Not for lack of being interested, I simply didn’t often have the time when I was growing up, very much by the design of my parents, who wanted me to fill my time with other things (dance classes, auditions and homework featured prominently), but there were a few caveats to that:

Oct 27_01

I grew up watching “Road to Avonlea” (heck, was even on it once when I was very young – and can pinpoint that horrible winter shoot at the first time I ever got a chest infection. The lasting effects which I’ve felt most recently this week, some 20 years later!) every Sunday with my mom. I haven’t seen it in years, but I have to recognized it for the impact it had on me growing up.

The Xfiles was the first time I ever really connected with a series outside of just the individual episodes. I loved the canon, the characters, everything. I didn’t get into the show until the middle of season seven, but thanks to Susan’s impecable VHS skills (DVD’s hadn’t actually been made yet, gah I feel so old…), I was able to power watch the majority of the show over the course of a few months – including borrowing school TVs at lunch (and occasionally getting yelled at by English teachers who thought we shouldn’t be watching “such garbage” – funny, they had no problem when we watched Pride and Prejudice repeatedly, or The Dead Poet Society…)
I’m still so pissed with how things worked out in the end, but if the third movie goes ahead, you can believe I’ll go watch it day one.

Arrow is the most recent show I’ve had any real and considerable interest in. I’m surprised, I’m definitely more of a Marvel girl, but I think I appreciate the show because I’m not super invested in the universe OR the cannon of Green Arrow. Though it does bother me that Black Canary could basically be Black Cat with a slightly thicker mask – the design is so unoriginal. Hmph.

Challenge complete!
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