Smashing Sunday – October 13, 2013

Challenge 7: Favourite Word

How does one even come up with something like this? I’m sure in the world of scrap booking/physical smashbooking, there are super creative ways to design this challenge. Cut the word “Fashion” out of vogue magazine pages, or some such thing.

Me? I have less digital art skills (not to mention, no access to things like Photoshop anymore) so I tend to shrug my digital hands, and just went with the word I probably say the most… and the “phrase” I use the most.

Oct 13_01

I never lived with cats growing up, but when I got into gaming, and into the internet culture in general, it became a natural fit. “Mrow?” is probably as close as I will ever get to a tag line, hell, I’ve even considered occasionally (though not all that seriously) getting it tattoo’d across my lower back. Because why not? ;P

And yes. I am aware that by saying “No Comment” I am, in fact, making a comment. However, I learned a LONG time ago that it often far better to keep one’s mouth shut and NOT share your opinion publically unless you are surrounded by friends you trust implicitly. So no comment is a huge part of my vocabulary.

Challenge complete!
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