Smashing Sunday – (Monday) January 5 (6), 2014

A day late, and a dollar (or several) short. That’s how the saying goes, isn’t it? I decided to not try and fight the shifty wifi on the Ferry yesterday and struggle to get this to post. And since I wasn’t getting internet until today, well, there you have it.

Challenge ho!

Challenge Seventeen: Favourite Plant(s)

There is a language to flowers, and where I could, I’ve included their meanings for fun 🙂

Jan 1_1

My absolute *FAVOURITE* flower of all time is the beautiful and happy little Gerbera daisy, though I’m terrible of keeping them in flower for longer then one bloom. I’m going to try and find some for my little place here, to brighten it up and break up all the white.
Meaning: Most often aligned with cheerfulness.

Purple roses, the darker the purple the better, are my next favourites. The truly deep coloured ones are normally considered “black” and are actually dark, dark shade of red, though they look like a shade of midnight plum.
Meaning: Roses are normally tied to love (gasp!), and lighter lavender ones are normally tied to “love at first sight” and enchantment. If that’s the case, then it should stand to reason that the darker the shade, the deeper the enchantment!

The bottom left picture is what’s known as a “Jellyfish Air Plant”. They only need a little water and sunlight, and hang out adorably. I absolutely want to find some of these guys, and see if I can’t suspend them (perhaps intermingled with some of these) over my eventual kitchen/dinning room table. You know. When I get one.
Meaning: Nope, got nothing.

The last of my selections for tonight are the beauty that is a succulent. I absolutely adore the range and breadth that these little beauties come in. There are ones that look as if they’ve swelled full of water, and others that are full of spines, like a cactus (in fact, they are IN the cactus family!). Beautiful in amongst others or on their own.
Meaning: Because I don’t have a specific type that I love most, it made it hard to define any specific one, so I chose one that most people know the best, Hens and chicks – known for their vivacity and domestic economy

Challenge complete!
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