So today was not a good day to work at my store…

So, I didn’t have a particularly good day today. During the course of the day, an entire box of psp guts (ie, everything inside the case) was stolen from behind/below our counter.

The box total amounts to approximately 2000 dollars.

Not good.

Surprisingly, my manager was not mad. Probably just feels super sorry for me. Our District Manager apparently took it kinda well as well.

The problem, I feel, is partly to do with how we store the games, which, while they Are behind the counter, are open and are located as such that all you have to do is be standing right at the edge of our counter and reach in…which is apparently what happened.

I was asked to come out and help the ‘friend’ of whom I suspect did it…and I am not happy. Beyond putting the doors back on and locking the case again, we can’t do much more with regard to security, due to lack of funding from head office.

What it means in terms of my job, thank gods, not much. They can’t penalize my hours, since only three of us work there, and that would me an increase in my manager or assistant manager’s hours…neither of which They’d be willing to do…so a report will just go into my file. My manager doesn’t want to do it at all, which just shows what an awsome guy he really is, but personally I think I deserve it. Good wake up call to remind me that people are NOT nice, and they WILL take advantage the very first second that it becomes avabilable to them.

I fucking HATE people.