So, I’ve gotten into the habit..

Of wandering through when I’m bored…(or when I’m researching new recruits. Yes girls, we do actually watch who you play with…

And in some cases, I’ll send names to e that I think are amusing or that he might find to be of interest.

Best one so far that definatly has to get points for creativity?


Followed closely by runner up:


To the runner up, I gotta admit I wanna ask, was there ever a “FreshRat” or an “UnfreshRat”, perhaps an “AlmostDeadRat”?

Most of the names (and clan names for that matter) are amusing, but the sheer number of people who’s names are inappropriate, it just astounds me. Seriously guys, grow up. You won’t have the name long, and it’s gonna SUCK if that’s your main account…