Smashing Sunday – September 1, 2013

Greetings fair travellers, friends and the voices inside my head!

Welcome to a new series of blogs that I’m planning to explore over the next few months, starting today! Why start a new ‘venture’ at the end of the calendar year, you ask?
Why not? We start school (traditionally) in September, many companies start their fiscal years in July or August…And I’ve always been a fan of starting a new goal with either a new month, or special attention to an end date, i.e. ending on the last day of the month, etc.
As my intent is to stick to a set schedule of days I’m writing on with no end date in sight, it seemed most logical to start with a new month – and so here we are!

So why “Smashing Sunday?”
If you’ve poked around on the blog at all, you may have noticed I’m a fan of alliteration. I’m pretty it’s one of those “rules of writing” you’re not supposed to overuse, but I like the sound of these things in my head when I’m writing, and that’s why we write publically isn’t it? To allow our mental voice(s) out in a socially accepted format. As to the “smashing” part:

I came across a ’30 challenge’ on Pinterest a while ago, which was meant to be used in something called a “smashbook.” At the time, I had no idea what it was but it looked kind of neat, so I pinned it as a possible blog topic and moved on. I’d been kicking around ideas for a series of blogs for over a month but couldn’t decide on what topics I wanted to write on. I do much better when I have things planned out ahead of time…much more likely to follow through!

Smashbooks I came to understand, were basically more…creative and freeform scrapbooks. The idea isn’t to have neat little lines with perfect writing, but to freely combine memories into a common place, making it bright and colourful and something that you WANT to spend time (and money, LOTS of money) on. Well, as much as I’m a fan of being creative, money is not something I have a lot of at the moment nor am I really creative that way. Cross stitch/embroidery is one thing. Drawing and decorating (although I DO love me some stickers!!) is another thing entirely. And I didn’t want it to be something physical, after all, I have a blog and I prefer it that way!

So I messed around with photo editing software, apps on the surface, and some on the iPad. I’m not sure what i’ll stick with, but so far I like what I’ve found in a Win8 app called “Fotor”, which I’m using on my Surface. I’m sure there are plenty of other apps, for both Win8 and iOS which I’ll try over the next few weeks, but for today, I think it turned out quite well. So without further ado, today’s challenge was the “Yourself ” page…

Challenge One: "Yourself"

It is EXTREMLY hard to represent oneself quickly, completely and coherently in a set of images, which I suppose is the point of the challenge. (In fact, I had to remake the image above a second time, having forgotten to get a snapshot of my current gamercard. Oops!) I put off this whole thing for the entire time I was in Seattle last week, because I couldn’t figure out how to best represent who I am entirely in just a photo, but I made it a goal to get this blog posted today and while it’ll be tight to hit a midnight deadline, I think I’ll JUST squeak it in there.

The images I’ve chosen are (going clockwise from the top left):

Dressed up for Andrea & Jim’s wedding (August 27, 2013)
Cosplaying Black Cat at Vancouver FanExpo (April 21, 2013)
Meret sunning herself on a subwoffer (August 2013)
New pointe shoes (April 12, 2011) <- can't wait to pull these out in a few weeks!! "Kitty" gamercard, rocking my current Gamerscore (September 1, 2013) Crewel embroidery piece for my mom (August 20, 2013) All dressed up and no where to trike to (April 16, 1989) From present day, cycling all the way back to where I started as a kid. Hai. This is me 🙂